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The content creation company of the future

​The future of content creation

We're a content creation company that uses crowd sourcing and technology to collectively, bringing television, web, mobile or any content to life.

​Create captivating content

Our company was founded by 3 passionate founders who bring different strengths to the table and who share one common trait: We all love creating content.

​Empowering Our Clients

Through crowdsourcing, we give our clients access to a network of passionate, highly skilled individuals. Our clients are no longer confined to the capacities of in-house talent- they have access to a boundless pool of talent.

We work with production companies, advertising agencies and clients to service jobs from inception to delivery.

​Building a community

We are the hub of a collective community of freelancers, companies and organizations who want to push creative boundaries. We want to change the way people create and experience content.

Whether we're servicing a shoot from an international production company or working with a local client, we'll put together a team that fits the brief.

We have great and long established relationships with Directors and DOPs based in the UAE and all over the world. 

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